We create homes for people with complex mental health and wellbeing needs. Our independent living, emergency and short-term accommodation services are for NDIS participants with complex mental health needs and risk factors.

aspiring futures SA is a boutique organisation focused on specialising in SIL, STA, MTA, Respite for NDIS Participants with complex mental health and behaviour of concern, including Physically and Verbal Aggressive Behaviours, Assault, Self-harm, Significant Property Damage, Sexualised Behaviours, ADHD, Intellectual Disability, Traumatic, Drug & Alcohol, Borderline personality disorder, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Autism, Chromosomal-Deletion, Attachment Disorder, Psychosocial Disability, Schizophrenia, OCD, Psychosis.

What Are Complex Mental Health & Wellbeing Needs?

Complex mental health and wellbeing needs are, as the term implies, complex. They are different for everyone and cannot be described in a single sentence. Often, our clients are living with more than one diagnosis and require support from multiple services.

We don’t expect anyone to fit neatly into a category to help them with residential and accommodation services. We help people living with a range of conditions, including bipolar, schizophrenia, autism (levels 2 & 3), drug and substance abuse, and other challenging behaviours.

People with complex needs may behave in ways that are difficult or unsafe to manage at home without support. They may have past experience with trauma, homelessness or the criminal justice system. Sometimes, they are living with a disability or other health issues that leave them socially isolated.

Whatever the case, we’re to help them and their families by providing safe, secure accommodation and daily living support. For some of our clients, this is supported independent living. For others, it is emergency or respite accommodation.

One step at a time

We treat every client individually. By stepping into their world, we create safe, secure, and supported accommodation just for them. Our experienced team of coordinators and carers will take the time to understand their needs today and anticipate how circumstances might change in the future. Our tailored and flexible approach allows us to adapt when needed while providing consistent, dependable support.

We’re here to help people experiencing complex mental health and wellbeing needs live fulfilling lives on their terms, not ours.

“Moving our autistic son to the care of Aspiring Futures was a breath of fresh air for us and a sigh of relief. They are supportive of the carers and thereby supportive of our son and of us. We no longer had to worry about how covid would impact us or shifts being unfilled; we could depend on them, and so could our son.”

Happy Client

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